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ESS Pure Essential Oils

Pure oils for aromatherapy, massage and treatments.

100% Pure.  Pure plant essences, harvested for their unique fragrances and therapeutic properties. "Pure" means the oil contains all of its natural chemical compounds, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and has never been diluted with another oil or chemical. Great for adding to bath or body products, or using with a diffuser. Because these oils are so potent and powerful you'll need to dilute them with a carrier oil, lotion or water (as in a bath) prior to using them directly on the face or body.

Stimulates circulation. Good for anxiety and fatigue. Gives clarity.
10 ml $15.49
Benzoin (40%)
Vanilla aroma with balsamic tones. Anti-septic, soothes skin irritations.
10 ml $12.99
Sweet, citrus note with warm balsamic hint. Fresh scent. Uplifting. Avoid sun/tanning bed.
10 ml $17.99
Birch (Sweet)
Wintergreen-like, minty. Analgesic, Good for muscular pain and arthritis.
10 ml $17.99
Blood Orange
Energizing, anti-depressant, cleansing with a deep citrus smell similar to tangerine.
10 ml $13.99
Camphor (White)
Ideal for soothing and relieving sore muscles.
10 ml $9.49
Melissa (Jojoba) 3%
Relax and uplift with the calming comfort.
10 ml $20.50
Fir Balsam
Uplifts and simultaneously grounds.
10 ml $13.99
Cedarwood (Atlas)
Warm, sweet balsamic oil with camphorous notes and a grounding base.
10 ml $12.50
Chamomile, German (Blue)
Better for skin care than Roman due to higher azulene content. Soothing for sensitive skin.
2 ml $33.99
Chamomile (Roman)
Eases everyday aches. Soothes and calms.
5 ml $39.50
Cinnamon Leaf
Very strong stimulant. Powerful effect on mucous membranes. Use in moderation.
10 ml $10.99
Fennel Sweet
Sweet, earthy aroma is stimulating and balancing.
10 ml $11.99
Clary Sage
A euphoric with sedative, soothing after-effects. Sweet tones.
10 ml $18.99
Clove Bud
Antiseptic, antiviral. Use sparingly.
10 ml $15.50
Green, fresh, sweet balsamic odor. Good detox for slimming.
10 ml $13.50
Eucalyptus Globulus
Clearing, stimulating and sharply camphorous.
10 ml $14.50
Eucalyptus Citriodora
Lemon scented. Stimulating and invigorating.
10 ml $9.99
Commonly used as incense. Rejuvenating and regenerating.
10 ml $45.00
Geranium (Egyptian)
Green, fresh notes with a hint of rose. Balances moods.
10 ml $26.99
Warm, peppery, woodsy, spicy. Soothes digestion and muscles.
10 ml $23.99
Gentle cleansing for the body. Good for fluid retention. Mood enhancer.
10 ml $13.50
Pungent, intense, powerful anti-inflammatory. Helps skin irritations.
2 ml $45.50
Jasmine (5%)
A blend of 5% Jasmine and coconut oil. Used as a pulse point fragrance.
10 ml $29.99
Juniper Berry
Sweet, fresh, woodsy tones. Detoxifies mind, body and spirit.
10 ml $26.99
Lavandin (Super)
Refreshing, sharp and penetrating. Floral aroma.
10 ml $13.50
Lavender (French)
Gentle. The most versatile oil. Slight floral scent. Calms and uplifts.
10 ml $18.99
Sharp, citrus, cleansing aroma. Antiviral.
10 ml $13.50
Fresh, citrus, grassy. Earthy undertones. Good for digestion and stress.
10 ml $11.99
Lime (Distilled)
Sharp, bitter-sweet aroma. Refreshing, uplifting and antiseptic.
10 ml $13.50
Litsea (May Chang)
Like lemongrass, but smoother. Intense lemon fresh that uplifts.
10 ml $12.99
Great for preventing stretch marks. Good for congested skin types.
10 ml $15.50
Marjoram (Spanish)
Spicy, warm and antimicrobial.
10 ml $16.99
Marjoram (Sweet)
Warming, herbaceous, woodsy aroma. Soothing, fortifying and warming.
10 ml $17.99
Warm, rich, spicy. Antiseptic. A great tonic.
5 ml $22.99
Fresh, warm, sweetly delicate aroma. From orange blossoms. Great for stress and stretch marks.
2 ml $59.99
Orange (Sweet)
Sweet, uplifting, fruity aroma. A mood enhancer.
10 ml $12.50
Excellent skin oil. Grounding, earthy tones. Adds depth to a blend.
10 ml $21.00
Deeply penetrating with a grassy, minty fragrance. A digestive oil.
10 ml $13.99
Fresh, floral, citrus smell with woodsy base notes. Antiseptic.
10 ml $12.99
Pine (Scotch)
Sweet, balsamic and spicy. Very clearing. A pain reliever.
10 ml $11.99
Pepper (Black)
Dry, spicy aroma for tension relief and muscle relaxation.
10 ml $23.50
Rose Absolute
Uplifting, intense, sweet, floral. A tonic to the nervous system and ideal for skin conditions.
2 ml $51.99
Rose Absolute (5%)
5% pure rose blended with jojoba oil.
10 ml $20.99
Penetrating, fresh, herbaceous note with woodsy undertones. Uplifting.
10 ml $16.49
Fresh, warm, herbaceous aroma. Astringent, use in moderation.
10 ml $17.99
Healing and soothing for irritated skin. Deep, sweet and woody tones.
5 ml $71.99
Clearing, warming and stimulating.
10 ml $11.99
Great for preventing stretch marks. Good for congested skin types.
10 ml $11.99
Tea Tree
Antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal. Perfect in blends of creams and carriers or in a bath.
10 ml $14.50
Thyme (Sweet)
Cleansing, antiseptic. Settles irritated nerves.
10 ml $35.99
Very earthy aroma. Has grounding and sedating effects. Also known as the Oil of Tranquility.
10 ml $26.49
Intense, sweet menthol aroma. Good for arthritis and other joint/muscular aches and pains. Ideal in a warming massage.
10 ml $13.99
Ylang Ylang Extra
Aids in deeper breathing. Is a stress buster. Floral and exotic. Finer and more luxurious than ylang ylang.
10ml $37.50
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